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Over 30 Years of Artistry

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Jim Bratton is a full time talent based in Galveston, Texas committed to serving the changing needs of Industrial Video Production, E Learning, Multimedia and Selected Broadcast Markets.

His rock solid delivery and convincing presence have traveled on thousands of productions.

You will find samples of Jim’s voice as well as a select group of other voiceover professionals that are competent at reading long format programs.

The process is efficient yet flexible to accommodate your specific work flow.

The Process

The Process

Our Studio is located in the historic NHAL Artist Lofts in Galveston, Texas


Sessions are typically recorded in an acoustically treated double walled Whisper Room booth, using a Neumann TLM67 or Sennheiser 416 mic through nominal processing direct to Hard drive with a non-volatile backup.


Scripts are read from a monitor in the booth allowing truly “On the Fly” changes if necessary. The “Patch” is conference call based via VOIP allowing multiple content and creative participants to listen in and fine tune the read during the session.

We are proud of our Customer centric digital work flow that has evolved from the beginning of digital sound technology

and welcome you to ask additional questions or drop by and see for yourself.

Send the Script

In any format, forward your script along with a description of your final delivery needs. We'll follow up to establish a mutually acceptable pricing structure.

Direct the Read

If you would like to direct the read live, we can set up an appointment for you to direct virtually or in-person. We can also patch in several people at a time regardless of location, if need be.

Receive Files

We will send the final voice over in your choice of file formats and naming conventions via ftp.

to Product

The Product

Jim Bratton has focused on delivering quality narration for industrial applications. He has developed an efficient workflow that is responsive to clients changing needs.

Jim Bratton's Voice

Solid non-regional lower register with mid and high range harmonics…Explains, Cajoles and convinces… Frequently used on Documentaries, Technical Descriptions and serious “internal messaging”… Also, provides a profound “VOG” for corporate events. He has competent interview skills as well as being an accomplished master of ceremonies.

JimBratton Demo

JimBratton Demo

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Other Voices

As customers have expressed interest in utilizing additional voices Jim has assembled an ensemble of professional narrators representing a cross-section of vocal styles. The team includes seasoned professionals as well as relative novices that all share a commitment to professionalism, consistency, and dependability.

Below is a list and brief description of Jim’s as well as other professionals that can be utilized on narrations. You’ll find their samples on your collaborative page.


And… A note reference production value of voice Demos:
The following demos are nominally produced to showcase the Talent Voice as a stand-alone entity. Typically they represent no more than two takes… offering a realistic representation of skill set… allowing the client to accurately evaluate suitability for the project. We are assuming that the producer has the ability to creatively extrapolate what the voice would sound like in their “final mix”.

Please note as an effort to protect the professionals that I engage from nefarious use of their voice an email is required to download the sample audio files. Email

to The Person

The Person


Jim Bratton dreamed of becoming “the voice that explains things” early in his childhood on a Midwestern farm. Industrial films were the stand by for elementary school recess on a rainy day. The narrator’s round tones that explained industrial processes were an intriguing potential for a Missouri farm boy. Heartland pragmatism prevailed however and a degree in electrical engineering followed that led to a career in engineered sales and management.


In the mid-80s Jim left traditional industry and pursued a career as a voiceover artist. Since that time he has provided the voice for thousands of programs. His distinctive voice has convinced, cajoled, sold, motivated and informed industrial and business audiences… He has served as master of ceremonies for numerous events as well as providing pre-

recorded roll-ins for conventions and trade shows. Jim also provides the voice or audio production for numerous non-profit projects.


Jim’s familiarity with industrial terms and environments provides for a knowledgeable and convincing read. Processes take on a sense of natural flow-a sense of left to right that intuitively leads listeners through a program.


Jim values his voice as a tool and treats it with respect affording consistent and repeatable reads. His digital studio has a defined acoustic environment as well as a straightforward high-quality audio chain. It allows quick auditions and complete programs if requested. Programs are typically archived for five years.


Today that Midwestern farm boy is proud to say that he has reached that dream and is…

“the voice that explains things”sm

The Ponderings

and Podcasts

The Ponderings


Jim Bratton

2221 Market St Studio 503

Galveston, Texas 77550


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